Thursday, November 17, 2011

Handmade Gifts From the Heart Blog Hop!

ATTENTION CRAFTERS, BUILDERS, CHEFS, AND MOMS! This post is for you.  When my hubby and I were just starting out, we used to make nearly all of the gifts we gave to family and friends for birthdays and Christmas.  We had to, we didn't have any extra money.  I have to confess, those Christmases were my favorites.  It was so much fun.  I enjoyed the whole creation process. Planning gifts, picking colors, textures, paint, and designing and making everything was a blast.  Our family enjoyed those days so much more too. The look on my Mom's face when Jerry unveiled her new cabinets, or a bench seat would bring tears to everybody's eyes.  There is nothing more satisfying than giving someone you love, something they really want. Likewise, who wouldn't rather have a gift made by your loved one's own hands.  My favorite all-time gifts  came from my husband, my Grandma, and my son Jon; and they were all homemade.
     Homemade gifts are meaningful in so many ways.  My hubby Jerry and I talked about it recently and decided that we will be going "old school" this year.  We are going to make as many gifts as we can.  It's a selfish plan really, I know.  We love making things, our family enjoys homemade gifts, and making things keeps me busy and helps burn some of those excess calories, so it all works out in the end.
     We've made dolls, rockers, quilts, clothes, food-in-jar mixes, painted decorations, garden boxes, and so many other gadgets and goodies over the years, and we like finding new, practical, interesting gift ideas.        
     That's where the blog comes in.  I am going to post and share some of the ideas, directions, and instructions for a few of my gift giving plans and I'd really appreciate it if YOU would link up and share a few of your homemade, handmade, gift giving ideas with all of us here too.  That way, we build a sort of instant "ebook" on this blog hop linky that we can all refer back to for good ideas all season long.

Share as many homemade gift and craft ideas as you like, the more the merrier.  

I have just a few requests, please oblige me.

1. It would be wonderful if you would place the button for this linky party on your blog. (You can cut n' paste the HTML code from the side of this page.)

2. If you get the chance, write a post about our hop so more people can hear about it.  The more people participating, the more ideas we get, thus- the bigger our bag of tricks will be for Christmas gifts.

     That's it, It's time to get brainstorming.  I know we will all be busy this next week, so I don't expect many posts yet, but think about ideas.  That's what I will be doing alot of (as I cook) thinking up ideas. Get back here and post when you have a chance and check in every few days to see what's new.

It's a Blog Party
Thanks for visiting, I hope you stop by again.


  1. I will have to put on my thinking cap! :)

  2. Thanks Candy! I can hardly wait to see your contributions!

  3. I agree . Gifts that are hand made are the best they have more meaning to them and are soo special. Papa and I also enjoy making our own gifts for eachother and family. Papa is a wood worker , I do photography , and his mom does stained glass and sewing and his dad also is a wood worker so home made gifts do go around this family. I loved it when our kids were little and would make something for us in school that was the best ! To me home made gifts arent being selfish if anything they are the exact opposite ! Have a wonderful day !

  4. Country Gal,
    We think alike. I LOVE your photography. I hope you get a chance to share some tips. Have a great night!

  5. I love doing homemade gifts too.

  6. Well, interesting blog. The fill up a box with buttons, threads, string and beads with a note is another one very creative and fun idea that can be done.


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