This week has been full of harvesting and gifting to my friends and neighbors.  It makes me feel so good to be able to grow something useful and share it with people I care about.  This week's tally of giving so far-

2 bouquets of sweet peas 
(yes, somehow they are still blooming and beautiful, in spite of the heat of summer)

2 medium market baskets full of black beauty zucchini

1 medium market basket full of yellow squash straightneck and crookneck

2 lunchbags full of snap peas
(these guys are at the end of their lifecycle, so last harvest I expect)

1 lunchbag of green beans
( These hearty bush bean plants surprised me when they survived a transplant (as mature bushes) to save them from a gopher (that I later caught) I NEVER expected them to survive and produce after that.)

2 large immature spaghetti squash

1 dozen pickling cucumbers which we have been eating like slicing cukes 

lots of garlic bunches

white and yellow

rocket red carrots
yummy and sweet

and I had to pick a few not quite ripe apricots because the birds are tearing them up already.  I have them on the ocunter, turning daily, some have that blush color, but a few do not, so I may lose them I guess. Oh well.

and I am growing impatient with my big, beautiful GREEN tomatoes
so I picked a few to try to make fried green tomatoes myself
for the first time.

I have little idea how and have no recipe, so if YOU do, PLEASE share.

What have YOU been harvesting in your backyard?

Well, I hope you have a great week in your garden. 

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