Quilting Tips-

A SIMPLE 1/4 inch guide from BLUE PAINTER'S TAPE

When I was a newby, I didn't have alot of money to spend on quilting tools so I used simple blue painters tape to make my seam "guide" on my machine bed.  I just cut several layers of it and stacked them one on top of the other.  Then, I'd perfect my 1/4 inch seam allowance.  It worked great.

(With your machine turned off, place a ruler under the needle bed, position 1/4" line under needle and hold it down with the feed dogs.  Then, place your tape strip against the 1/4 inch edge of ruler.  Simple!  Then you can perfect that 1/4 inch seam like this:

How to get a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
It's easy to do no matter what machine, feet, or guide you have.

Cut two contrasting strips of fabric (1& 1/2" wide).
Cut those strips into 5 inch lengths.
Pin two contrasting strips together and sew.
Press open and pin and sew another contrasting strip to one edge strip.
Press. Pin ans sew two more contrasting strips for a total of 5 strips.
Lay under your ruler.  The fabric should be a square 5" long and wide.

IF it's too big, you must adjust by increasing your seam allowance on the bed or (if equipped- move your needle to the left).

IF it's too small, you must adjust by decreasing your seam allowance on the bed or (if equipped- move your needle to the right).

Let's say your strips measured 5 & 1/4 inches wide.  Divide that extra 1/4 inch by the four seams you sewed and you know that you have to increase your seam allowance on the bed equal to 1/16 of an inch.  Reverse the procedure if your strip was too short.


This week's picture features a quilt top that I "cheated" to make.  I had this beautiful Judie Rothermel Baltimore Album quilt kit, but try as I may, I just couldn't complete it via hand applique.  The blocks are just too small.

So, I tweaked it by enlarging the blocks a bit and using fusible web followed by a very time consuming machine buttonhole stitch with cotton thread.  Okay, don't look too close, really.  I am not the best machine stitcher either.  LOL.

Anyway, I am NEW to blogging, but am trying to get up to speed, so SOON I will have a LINKY for you to add your new quilt top images to.  Have a GREAT day!

Here's a close up shot on a block so you can see the detail better.

I love this small quilt now that it's done.

Please leave a comment and share what you have been working on in YOUR sewing room.