Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kidding Season...

Well, another successful kidding season is almost complete.  We currently have ten kids from four does, and are waiting on sweet little Mocha to kid and that will be the last kids for our farm this year.

I brought in one adorable doe kid from the fabulous Alethia Homestead herd this season.  I have had a reservation for an Algedi Farm D Capella kid for a few years and had expected it would not happen since Capella is up in years, but she blessed me with my precious Cassiopea (The Queen) and I could not be more happy.

I have to get out there to tattoo and get kids ready to go to their new homes soon.  I have just one doe left for sale, a few nice bucklings, and two boys that will be wethered shortly.

Addy is as usual, my milk queen. She had been milking over four pounds a day until temperatures climbed above 105 degrees this week. 

I noticed that her udder was not full this morning and saw her allow one of Goldie's kids to suckle from her teat.  That was a BIG surprise as Addy has never before been caught allowing any other doe's kids get near her udder in four years. Just goes to show that people and animals can change.  

We had our herd linear appraisal on June 15th and my entire herd of adults got the best scores that we've ever had I think.  I learn so much from these evaluations and comparisons among my own herd members.  These scores will form the basis of my next breeding decisions.

We are in another historic heatwave right now.  It was 109' yesterday.  Likely to be the same today.  I better head out and check on water buckets again and offer some more orchard grass to keep the herd moving and drinking in this hot, humid weather.

I hope you have a great week,


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