Friday, December 16, 2016

Hello World. I am still here...

It's been a LONG time since I have found the time to post here, and our farm has experienced SO much since the last post.  While I cannot promise to have lots of time to check in these days as farm living keeps me very busy, but here is an update to span the gap.

We have two dexter heifers, MayDay and Buttercup.  We have raised them since We are planning to have one of them slaughtered and prepared within the next 60 days. This will be our first farm raised grass fed beef from our own farm.  I am really looking forward to this.

This year saw continued growth in our small nigerian dwarf dairy goat herd.   We brought home this sweet little gal we call Lacy.  While she is just a baby now, we expect good things from her in the future.  

Our Avalon gave birth to twins, a buck and doe.  This is her beautiful little girl Candy.  She has everyone wrapped around her toes.

The dam of our senior doe Joyful Hearts CB Adelaide (Addy) tied for fifth place nationally on one day milk test in spring.  Our Addy who already earned her dairy star the last time she was on milk test, is currently milking about 4 pounds a day six months after kidding with three fantastic bucks.

We have been plagued by large predators in our neighborhood and made the decision to invest in a few livestock guardian dogs to help encourage the mountain lions and bears to make a wide berth around our property.  This is Ranger, our puppy.  He is less than a year old, and is supervised at all times when with goats.  He is becoming a valued member of our team.

We have lost about 2/3 of our flock of chickens in the last year or so.  Most times, it's our punishing summer heat that takes the girls. We still have our rooster Queenie and about 5 hens.  In March 2017 they will all be five years old already. Wow!  Time flies.

On the homefront, we have been blessed with two beautiful grandkids. Grandma is looking forward to teaching them both about farming and animals.

Wishing you a year of great happiness and success in the new year.



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