Friday, February 22, 2013

The Country Garden Showcase #48

Snow Day...  
No progress in the garden this week.  Dusted by snow we opted to take a drive up the road into the national park... We were on a mission to find a historic landmark, The Kaweah River Bridge.

Mineral King Road, Sequoia National Forest
Main Fork of the Kaweah River
Kaweah River Bridge. Built in 1923.
Kaweah River Bridge
We found it.  It was worth the drive.  Along the trail we saw a bobcat, wild turkeys, falcons, and an old water flume that is still bringing water down from the snow covered mountains to the valley floor below.  

This week there are two FEATURED GARDEN posts.
A Good Sign by Elaine of Our Country Cove Crew blog can be found HERE.  Elaine is a wonderful writer and wildlife/nature photographer.  This week she hit on an interesting topic for gardeners... signs in nature that signal the change of seasons.  For Elaine it's the robin, a harbinger of spring.  Experience tells her his arrival means that spring is just around the corner.  Are there any local natural indicators that give you cues about the weather or seasons???
The Secret to Good Goat Milk was written and shared with us by Rose Petal of the website Live Ready Now! HERE.   If you are considering bringing home a dairy goat or cow, this article will save you much trial and error.  The key to good tasting goat milk is so simple it will surprise you.  What garden or farm secrets do you possess???  Care to share?

I hope Mother Nature was kind to you this week in your garden.  May she bring you sunshine and blue skies ahead.

Let's get H-O-P-P-I-N-G!


  1. Oh why thank you so much for featuring my blog on your post and your lovely comment of my photos . I am honored . Yes the weather plays a big part in gardening and all of nature for instance yesterday was lovely sunny and mild snow was melting and Lilac bushes and trees are budding but today it snowed . I learn't from the weather from being raised on a farm , the smell , the feel , birds reactions and what birds have returned or left to migrate and to really take notice of natures surroundings it is the best indicator of seasons coming and going ! Thanks for hosting this hop and again thank you for your support ! Have a wonderful day !

  2. P.S I love your photos soo pretty !


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