Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #88

Merry Christmas Friends

I have been away from this keyboard for a long time it seems. I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms.  We don't yet have an internet connection at the house, but hope to be connected by next week's hop; in time to link up a few of my own holiday posts.  In the meantime, here's a little bit of what we've been working on around our new farm...

Since we moved in (about a week ago) we found a few of the home's appliances uncooperative.  Our wall furnace, both bathtubs, the kitchen sink, water heater, shower pan, oven, and a few overhead lights were in need of repair.  

Please don't worry about us.  We're not boohooing.  We have been blessed with the help of a few really kind and experienced appliance repairmen and things have been working out better than we could have imagined.

Monday was the first night we got to sleep inside our new home.  Hooray!  It was amazing to sleep in a real bed again.  I am excited to report that I am now cooking and baking inside my new-to-me kitchen instead of the travel trailer- just in time for Christmas Eve baking too.  Yay!  Our home came with a large wood stove for an alternative heat source so we are staying toasty warm while we wait for a new wall furnace.

We are taking it all in stride as best we can and are learning to laugh at these little things.  We are both healthy, our kids and extended family are well and we are all going to be together for Christmas. Nothing else really matters, does it.


As promised, til I can upload new images and share complete posts... here's the weekly Farmgirl Friday guest post from our very own Deb, farmgirl extraordinaire, and founder of the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop.  Thanks Deb!

"Welcome to the Christmas Edition of the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop # 88!
The place where we gather to flaunt our farmgirl/boy spirit every Friday no matter what!

  Your Farmgirl Friday Hostesses are:
Heidi of My Simple Country Living 
Dolly of Hibiscus House and me of course!

 Farmgirls love anything to do with homesteading, keeping chicken's, embroidering, sewing, knitting, spinning, quilting, natural home remedies for health care and cleaning, horses, goats, cows, organic gardening and cooking, caring for their loved ones and friends and are community minded. Re-purposing and UP-cycling are high on their list of " fun things to do too! "FARMBOYS like to join in too and we are glad to have'm on board!
  This week I'm sharing a Cape Cod Christmas over on the MJF Beach Farmgirl Blog so please come by and see me there if you have a minute or two!  

And, a few fun posts from last weeks hop!
I loved Modern-steads Christmas Coop ! 
So fun to include the girls in the holiday hubbub!

Rebecca, of Natural Mothers Network blog shared several inspiring green Christmas posts including a tutorial for creating this darling little felt dove perched for peace. 

And, Treat and Trick author shared an easy recipe for Butterhorn Rolls that had me running fora stick of butter and apricot jam!

 A big thank you to all who participate in the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! I'm looking forward to some down time after Christmas to sit down and enjoy your entries!
 If you have ever been a FEATURED FARMGIRL please feel free to copy and past this button and display it proudly on your blog!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Holidays to all! 
Thanks for all the bloggy love in  2012! 

May this week's post find you surrounded by loved ones and experiencing the peace and joy that the Christmas season brings.  

Now let's get H-O-P-P-I-N-G- farmgirls and boys!!!


  1. Merry Christmas Heidi! I'm glad ya'll got moved in before the holiday. I hope everything gets fixed soon. :)

  2. I was just wondering yesterday when we'd hear from you again! It's nice to hear you are settling in although with some glitches. As nice as it may be to move into a house where everything works perfectly, it wouldn't give you stories to tell down the road. Merry Christmas!

  3. So great to hear from you Heidi! Merry Christmas to you and Jerry and your whole family! How wonderful to be blessed in your new homestead surrounded by the warmth of a toasty fire!
    Can't wait till you are able to post more often!
    much love,

  4. Merry Christmas, Heidi!! MISS YOU!! But so excited you are settling in to your new homestead. May God's sweet blessings overflow upon you and your family this holiday season and throughout 2013!
    Amy & Family

  5. So sorry about all your troubles...sounds like you're handling them positively though. Hoping everything gets working smoothly soon! And that you had a Merry Christmas!!


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