Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Country Homemaker Hop #32 Redux...

Hello Friends!
I hope this post find you happy, healthy and well.  I am still making fruit leathers from that old nectarine tree in my front yard.   I hope to try cherry leathers next.  I have a few pounds of cherries a friend gave me.   
I also snuck in a few jars of bread and butter and dill pickles, which was hard to do this week because it's been so hot...  When temperatures reach toward 100 degrees F, I wilt and get little done.
I had a scare in the hen house last night.  I caught a HUGE raccoon trying to break into the window in this picture below.  The window is lined in strong metal mesh, but that varmint didn't even run when I started charging toward him.  I need to get a trap.
One last thing... I am hosting an APRON hop this month on both of my blogs.  Please feel free to link up HERE or HERE to share your aprons.
*If you're savvy, consider sharing the hop on your blog this month too or a link to it on your sidebar.  The more folks see the hop, the more wonderful aprons we all get to gawk at.  What a great way to get ideas too...  

Please link up and share what you've been working on when you have the chance and THANK YOU!


  1. Thanks Heidi! :)
    Darn, too bad the neighbors are so close!

  2. Heidi,
    It must be raccoon season! At least that is what Andy thinks tried to get into our coop run two days ago (I'm still thinking it's our local bobcat). Literally punched two big holes through the chicken wire. He's reinforced it but we are going to go to hardware cloth down below.

    I've never seen inside your coop before - darling with the curtain and all! And your pickles and fruit leather look so good!! Well done!

  3. Your pickles are beautiful! And I still want to participate in the Apron Hop, I just need to get my post together. Have a great week! :)

  4. At our old house we got an animal guard for the screen door- to our house= because a stray cat was breaking in the screened in porch to get to our cats. It's metal and the raccoons used to come up to it too. They couldn't get through it. You could put one on your window.

  5. Glad to hear the girls are ok and the raccoon didn't get in ! Pickles look YUMMY ! My mum used to make her own aprons . I was planning to start making some this winter on my sewing machine the one that I have barely used , it is practically brand new . I am not that good at sewing but it cant hurt to give it a go! Have a great day !

  6. When temperatures reach toward 100 degrees F, I wilt and get little done.
    Boy, you're not the only one!
    Still, you've done a lot. Good luck getting that raccoon!

  7. Busy farmgirl you are! So fun... catch that coon!!! Your girls look so happy in their coop! Love it!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Deb. I am going to go Elmer Fudd on that raccoon tonight. We'll see how successful I will be... Have a GREAT weekend.

  8. I sure hope you get that raccoon! They can do some damage for sure. Love the fruit leather I want to know how to do it. Your chickens are really growing and pretty.


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