Friday, August 3, 2012


Well, since it's a lazy Friday afternoon I thought maybe we could do something different. 

 I am going to share a few pictures of my favorite aprons and I hope you will find the time to link up and share a few of yours too. We'll keep this linky party open all month so everyone has a chance to show off their aprons. 

You don't have to share JUST your aprons. I'd love to read posts of APRONS IN ACTION perhaps featuring you canning, gardening, cooking, or baking... and we'd love to see those recipes too.  Be creative and most of all, have fun!  Thank you.


This lovely apron is new to my collection.  It comes from a dear friend and fellow apron fashionista Dolly Sarrio of the blogs Hibiscus House, Dolly is Cooking, and Dolly's Designs.   Dolly made this apron from a pattern she made from one of her grandma's aprons.  I love it.  I have honey bees and this apron had my name on it, literally. Lol.
As it turns out Dolly has two internet stores full of her lovely handmade vintage and retro inspired aprons and knitted designs HERE and HERE.

Dolly made me this beautiful half apron from a vintage pattern.
 I just love all the little details, like the beautiful muted vintage inspired fabric, the large ric rac design and the quality of Dolly's handwork.  You cannot see from my pictures, but her sewing is so nice and neat.  I feel like a princess when I wear this one. Thank you so much Dolly.

This apron came from a winter carnival at Knott's Berry Farm a few years ago.  I just love this fabric it's full of images of Dia De Los Muertos iconograephy, the Aztec God Tlalac, and the Virgin Mary.  
It's so bright and colorful.      

This smock apron was a gift from my hubby and it is probably my favorite.  It looks just like my grandma's aprons.  I almost never saw her without an apron. Except on Sundays.
 Every time I wear this one I am transported back to childhood images of grandma shelling peas, or beans or canning something wonderful.  I miss her so much.

I picked up this apron at a yard sale recently. It was a steal.  It's full of horse tack n' cowgirl boots. Fun fabric.

This little apron is a Mary Mulari Church Lady apron that I made last winter.  I like that it's reversible and has nice big pockets.  The fabric features two of my favorite things, the color purple and pansies...
Well, that's my favorites for now, but I'm always on the look out for aprons to add to my collection.

As you can see below, this little number is quickly becoming my workhorse apron.  I will only wear my Dolly half apron for special occasions, but when I am out slinging mud in the garden or trying to get stung by my bees... this is my uniform of choice. 
I am off to dehydrate lots of fresh nectarines...
Okay, it's your turn to shine a light on your favorite aprons...


  1. Thank you so much and I am so glad you are enjoying your aprons. I have one from my Grandmother that is probably over 40 years old and still useful...I love your apron that brings back memories of your Grandmother...Heck I love all of your aprons!

    1. Thank you Dolly. I love my new aprons. You are a great fabric artist. I know how special things from Grandmas are. I love your aprons too. Hugs from Cali.


  2. How fun to see your cute aprons! I linked up two posts but I'm not seeing it, but probably just a delay. I ADORE your new blog look - those flower pots on the side are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and linking up Amy. I look forward to reading your posts. I love the new blog background too.

  3. How fun! I'll have to come up with something to share. I like to use a full apron, but the two that I have look like they've been through a war and need to be replaced.

    1. I look forward to seeing your post soon too Jenny.

  4. Thank you for hosting! I'm sharing a post on how to make an apron from a vintage tea towel.

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