Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thank You Farmgirls!

Thanks to Dolly of Hibiscus House and Dolly is Cooking for her "Dot's Coconut Pie" Recipe HERE and April of April's Homemaking for the crisco pie crust, my husband's birthday pies are DONE!  Here they are...
 I wanted to sneak a piece 
 but I dare not...
 I got to use my new rolling pin, which was a gift from my best friend Michelle. It's so nice to roll with. Thank you Michelle.
I ended the evening with a batch of my Hubby's favorite chocolate chip cookies (Mrs. Field's Pecan Supremes Recipe).
I made a little birthday card and set them all out on the counter together.  I think he'll get a BIG surprise in the morning.  I'll have a review for that pie crust and that amazing looking pie soon after.

UPDATE- The Hubby LOVED the pie and so do I, and I am NOT a coconut person.  Now, that's saying something.  Candy was right, this is a GREAT pie.  I am so glad I doubled the recipe and made two.  It's got such a nice flavor, it's not too sweet, not too salty, it goes with anything.  Today we had it for breakfast, tonight we'll have it with turkey noodle soup.  We're just gonna keep making excuses to eat it, til it's gone...  Thank you Dolly for sharing this really YUMMY recipe.  I give this recipe a perfect 10+++.

Thanks for stopping by.  

Happy Sunday Farmgirls.


  1. Hi Heidi!
    All of that looks yummy! I made Missy's Sweet Southern cornbread AGAIN last night to go with our chili! Aren't we all so lucky to have each other to share with?! LOVE it!
    Happy Sunday to you too!

  2. PS... you and I have the same granite pattern for our counter tops!

  3. I'm glad things worked out for the pies! They are pretty. My husband is going to try a pie crust using his rendered lard. We'll let you all know how it turned out. We're not big pie eaters so this is really going to be an experiment.

  4. They look like they turned out beautifully. I have that same rolling pin...and love it.

  5. Everything looks so good. Tell Jerry he has to share. Just a little snack to go with our coffee. Happy Birthday Jerry!

  6. Thank you all for chiming in and saying HI!

    Deb, I expect that you and I have alot of things in common, we like many of the same things. That's good, the next time I get a BIG idea to change something I am going to bounce it off you first.

    Kathy, I am really curious to know how his rendered tallow will work for the crust. I used to work alot with pig suet for soap making and all it took was enough screening to make the prettiest, whitest, tallow ever. I know he'll do great.

    Kateri, I was very pleased with it. The crust was perfect. I don't know why I have been a snob about pie crust. The crisco recipe was so nice to work with. The new rolling pin might have contributed to the ease of use, but I do find the texture and flavor of the crust perfectly fine.

    Michelle, my Michelle; you just KNOW there's a piece of pie here waiting for you- as soon as my Hubby goes off to work today. I LOVE that rolling pin. Thank you dear!!! See ya later for that coffee.

  7. TWO pies AND cookies! What a lucky birthday boy! :)

  8. What fun it is to go to all the trouble to make something and have it exceed your expectations. You did a great job..and I'll bet your hubby was thrilled! xo Diana

  9. Thanks Candy.
    I agree. He was very happy, but he told me it's my fault his belly's growing... I am going to have to cut back on his sweets soon.

    You're right NanaDiana,
    What an added blessing. Thank you for stopping by to say hi. I was really happy with it. Its flavor is perfect and the texture of the pie is perfect, not runny or soggy. It's light and springs back like a sponge cake with pressure. I am very pleased with Dolly's recipe.


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