Saturday, November 5, 2011

Recipe Challenge- Cranberries

Christmas Day is fast approaching and we could all use new recipes and ideas for the big day.  I can't think of a better, funner (is that a real word?) way to get NEW recipes and ideas than a Blog Hop Challenge.  Unlike cookbooks or magazines, bloggers are real people and they generally post recipes they've actually made.  The bloggers that I follow are GREAT cooks and bakers.  I haven't been disappointed by any of their recipes yet.
As we count down the next few days leading to Christmas, I will post a HOP for one ingredient every few days.  That way, we'll have plenty of ideas in case we want to try something new this year.

Any recipes or Christmas stories or ideas that incorporate cranberries are welcome. Cranberries are yummy, full of antioxidants and are a staple in my home all year long.  I am anxious to see what YOU do with them.  Thanks for sharing.

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