Thursday, November 10, 2011

Food for thought during the holidays...

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I ran across this thoughtful post on my facebook wall today and I just had to share it.  It comes from the page Back to the basics-- Hope for the best, Prepare for the worst.  Given the state of our economy and more immediately, our kids' and their young, struggling families, we are making many of our gifts this season.  What we cannot make we will buy locally or from American craftsmen whenever possible.  I have nothing against other countries and their labor, but Americans are suffering, and for me they come first.

The article below is insightful and full of great ideas for how to keep our money in our local and national economy this holiday season. for visiting, I hope you stop by again. I like comments.


  1. A great way to be. Papa and I do our best to support our local farmers and crafts people, Papa's hobby is wood working and mine is photography together we make our own personal gifts for others and eachother. Have a wonderful day !

  2. Country Gal,
    Thanks for commenting on this post. I'll admit, in years past, I've NOT done my part to support local crafters and artisans, but that changes now. You have a wonderful day too.

  3. I love our local crafters. I have a friend who is a wood carver and he knows me well.

  4. I prefer to give handmade gifts but I also try to buy local and support local craftspeople.


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