Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hello Country Porch Friends!


My name is Heidi.  

I am Jon's mom  

and Jerry's wife

I am a farmgirl at heart, though I actually live on a small suburban homestead.  

I have three furbabies 

Coco, chocolate, and Sugarplum

I quilt

I garden

I am in my 3rd year of college for plant science

my goal is to become self-sufficient

so I am learning all I can about homemaking

food production

old fashioned skills

like food preservation

by canning



seed saving

crop production

and how to enjoy the harvest.

I have only been blogging since July, and I have already learned so much from the generous men and women in the blog community.  

If you enjoy friends, family, and homemaking, please hop on over to my blog and join me in the conversation.


  1. Hello, Heidi! I found you through Ester's Country Porch Blog Party! I think you and I have many of the same things in common! I'd love to be self sufficient. I love to can preserve as much of our food as I can! I will have to keep up with you, so I can learn what you know! ;)

    Angela @ Hidden Treasures

  2. Hi Angela,
    It's great to be able to follow each other and learn new things. I am hopping on over to your blog after this post to follow you and catch up on what you've been up to.

  3. So glad to meet up with you via the blog party. Wow, love your site. I am sure I am going to learn much from you. I am still trying to do some desert gardening here in AZ, but not to successfully. Quite different from eastern gardening. I seem to love all the things that you do, and will love spending time here.

  4. are one busy woman!! Going over to your other blog in a minute. Looking forward to reading your past and future posts.

  5. Gen,
    Candy C. who commented to this post after you lives in your region and is an experienced gardener, homesteader, rancher, chicken mom, etc. I believe that if you follow her blog, you'll learn many things that will be helpful for your zone. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to visiting your blog too.

  6. ain't for city gals,
    I have been busy lately, but I expect things to slow back down soon. Thanks for stopping by. I am looking forward to reading your blog's past and present posts too. Thank you.

  7. Candy,
    Isn't this a FUN blog party. I will be looking for your post next time I log in. Have a great day!

  8. Thanks for stopping by and following me. I love your blog it's so cute!I look forward to keepin up with your posts :)

  9. I found your blog via Esther's blog party, and I'm really enjoying it. I'm a mere novice in the canning/food preservation department, but I do want to learn more. We have 3 furbabies at home, too, but ours are of the feline variety. They're a lot of fun, but I'm glad they can't tell about some of my homemaking mishaps (or "learning experiences", as I call them). Nice to "meet" you!

  10. Allison of A Farmgirl's View,
    Thanks for returning the favor. I enjoy your blog too.

  11. Hi Amy and welcome to my blog. We all start at the beginnning and little by little it all falls into place.

    There are loads of great blogs out there in the blogosphere, but the few on the right side bar of this blog have been invaluable resources for me so far.

  12. HI! nice to 'meet' you. I am not a country girl, but neither am i a city girl :) i am learning gardening and raising kids at the same time.... so hopefully they are learning it too! stopping by from the country porch blog party.

  13. Hi Tascha! Thanks for stopping by. I grew up a city kid with a family garden and I am hooked. Was a great gift to give your children. Garden skills will always be invaluable tools when times are tough.

  14. i just love all this..wish i could do also farming i love it! thanks friend for sharing this beautiful life. country farming..god bless you

  15. Hi Soraya!
    Thanks for those kind words of encouragement. It's great to hear from you again. have a great week and may God bless you too.

  16. Heidi!
    Nice to meet you!!! tee hee! Love this post and what a fun blog party... You are one busy gal!
    Love all you are learning and doing!
    So glad you decided to start blogging so you can share it with us!
    Many Blessings,

  17. Such a cute little corner of the web. And so nice to "meet" you. Thanks for popping in for the blog party!

    Much Love & Blessings,

  18. Hello Deb,
    LOL! We are BOTH busy gals. I could say the same things about you and your blog. I learn so much from reading your Farmgirl Friday Hop posts. Thank you Deb.

  19. Esther,
    Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. I am really enjoying the blog world, and I'm learning so much from so many kind people. Thanks for hosting the Country Porch Friends blog party, it's been so much fun.

  20. Visiting from the blog party - beautiful pictures and gardens!

  21. Hello! loved all the wonderful pictures, i hope to learn all of the same girl!


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