Monday, September 12, 2011

Jon and Sam's 9/11 Wedding

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Well FARM GIRLS- It's official.  
My son Jonathan and his beautiful bride Samantha are now married.  

The wedding was held yesterday afternoon in her hometown of Coalinga, California.  That's right, the kids were married on 9/11.  You see, 9/11 marked the 4th anniversary of the day that they met on a cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean and is a special date for them.

This is the reception hall before the fun! Sam's Dad Joe hard at work.

It was a beautiful service.   

The kids were surrounded by family and friends. 

My beautiful baby sister Sherry and her family
Sam's twin Nicole and her parents Joe and Sherry worked very hard
Jon and his "best men" Ryan, Steven, and Cory- his cousin
Jon with my Mother Sharon and Aunt Bonnie before the wedding
Jon with Aunt Brenda and Aunt Robin before wedding
My husband Jerry and his eldest son Jesse- who drove for hours to be here for Jon and Sam after competing in an outrigger canoe race from the California coast to Catalina Island Saturday.  Thanks Jesse! That's dedication to family.
Jon's Dad, his younger siblings, and his paternal Grandmother
The cake Jerry and I made DID make it to the wedding safely.  

I am uploading the entire wedding album of photos we took to my facebook page, and I will add a link to it later, when it's complete.  It may take a few hours days.  Okay, here's the LINK!

Thanks to everyone for the many well wishes we have received on behalf of the new married couple.


  1. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Beautiful cake...I made my son's wedding cake when he married his sweetie last month so I know how stressful it is getting it to the reception. You did a great job.

  2. Thanks Patti. It was a bit stressful. I feel exhausted and gratified. When I saw my son's tear filled eyes and mile wide smile as he shook Sam's Dad's hand and took her arm to go up to the alter I KNEW this was right. Each glance between the kids told the story of their love. It was touching and so beautiful. I am a happy and proud Mama.

  3. Congratulations! What a lovely day you all had and your wedding cake is just beautiful... Farmgirl talent for sure!!!
    thanks for sharing your speical day on the hop Heidi!

  4. Thanks Deb. It was the best day of my boy's life. This Farmgirl shed many a happy tear too. Maybe in a future Hop post I can have the recipe for this old fashioned wedding cake, the buttercream, strawberry jam glaze, and the marshmallow fondant. Diabetic Coma for sure. Have a great week ladies!

  5. Beautiful wedding photos! Yes, please post your wedding cake recipe on a future Blog Hop! :)

  6. Thanks Candy. It was so nice, and yeah, that recipe will be up real soon. Have a great week.

  7. I'd love to learn how to make a good buttercream frosting as I have sworn never to use those chemical tasting canned frostings again, Heidi!!!

  8. Debra- I totally agree. My recipe just takes butter, confectioners sugar, a bit of milk and vanilla and almond extract. It's heavenly. I will post it next week. Love you all.


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