Friday, September 16, 2011

Do you know YOUR ABC's...

A-age ( 39 )
B-best friend ( Michelle )
C-chores I hate  ( laundry and mopping floors )
D-domestic animals ( three furbabies: Sugarplum, Chocolate, and Coco )
E-essential to start the day ( coffee )
F- favorite colors  ( purples and Christmas red and green )
G- gold or silver  ( silver )
H- hobbies ( canning, gardening, sewing, quilting,  )
I- Instruments I play  ( none well )
J- job title ( homemaker, wife, and mother )
K- kids ( one son Jon, and my new daughter-in-law Samantha )
L-live where ( Sierra-Nevada foothills elev. 4000ft. )
M-movies I love  ( The Godfather, The Departed, Stand By Me,  )
N- never plan to  ( skydive, para-sail, hang glide, or similar activity, I'm afraid of heights )
O- only football team that matters ( Oakland Raiders )
P-  pet peeves ( Bullies, mean and rude people. )
Q- quotes from movies ( "I'll be your huckleberry." )
R- restaurant I like ( McNally's Fairview Lodge, they cut their own meat & steaks are HUGE! )
S- siblings ( three sisters Sherry, Wendy, and Melissa )
T- Time I go to bed ( after hubby gets home, midnight. )
U- music that I utterly love ( Muse, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Harry Connick Jr. )
V- vegetables I don't like ( I don't hate any veggies, but I like parsnips and brussel sprouts the least )
W- what makes me run late  ( daydreaming about quilts and gardens )
X- X-rays I've had  ( ribs, leg, foot, hand, and shoulder )
Y-yummy food I make  ( peanut brittle, toffee-roca, popcorn balls, and jams )
Z-favorite zoo animals  ( all of the babies )

I got the ABC blog tag from Michelle's Little Piece of Heaven- my favorite blog.  It happens to belong to my BFF Michelle.

Please leave a comment and post a link to your blog and give your ABC 's so people can know you better.

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