Saturday, August 13, 2011

SUNNY Saturday!

For my first SUNNY SATURDAY link up post, I have decided to share a few pictures from my garden this year.  I hope you like them.  Let's play a game of "Then & Now".
Then- May 22, 2011
and NOW- August 13, 2011
and NOW-
and THEN-
and NOW-
and NOW-
and NOW...
It's funny how it feels like it takes forever for things to grow, until you compare pictures and dates.  I can hardly believe how F-A-S-T these plants actually did grow.  The tomatoes are over 6 feet tall, the corn is now more than 8 feet tall, and the pumpkins have grown up and over those 6 foot tall A frames many times...

I'd love to see your garden in pictures too. Please share.  

Have a SUNNY Saturday and join Linda's Lunacy for the SUNNY SATURDAY LINK UP HERE!

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