Saturday, August 13, 2011

DEALS, maybe

Summertime is starting to wind down and folks around town are removing spent plants and planting their fall gardens.  Now, is a good time to check in on your local nursery and see about getting a few good deals on non GMO and certified organic plant seeds, compost, mulch, and maybe even a few ladybugs.

I made my monthly trip to our local family owned nursery and found all of their Organic and non GMO seeds on sale for 50% off.  it was slim pickings though.  Ladybugs (1,500 to a container) had been there a while and were not as vigorous as before so they gave me a carton for FREE.  They sell for $9.  When I got home and released them that night, I found there were no dead ladies, even a better deal.

The seeds can be stored inside a ziplock bag in your refrigerator or cool, dark cellar and keep until Fall or next year.  I hope you get a chance to find a few deals this week too.  have a great weekend!

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