Monday, August 8, 2011

Newbie LEARNING to make VINEGAR at home

Welcome Homestead Revival Barn Hoppers too!  Link HERE!

Wish me luck!  I have found the blogs of two fellow minded renaissance women.  You know the type, do it yourselfers, that can't accept "no" for an answer.  We work around obstacles and blaze loopy trails.  Sometimes, choking down a little dust, no worse for wear. Let's see how much damage I can do this week...

Last evening, I stumbled upon Kathy Felsted Usher's awesome blog MOVING ON TO THE PAST.  Her current Homestead Revival Preparedness Challenge post features an article depicting her making homemade vinegar with old apples, water, and sugar.  Wow, so few ingredients, who knew? Not me.  Anyway, I was mesmerized by her description and the beautiful pictures she posted so I though I gotta try that.  So, today I mixed up a batch of my own.
Pretty, huh.

It gets better.  Today when checking in on Kathy's blog I noticed that she responded to my comments with the url of another blogger's attempt at making vinegar.  The person she got the idea from is Patti at the blog Watching Over the Heart and Home.  Well, her pics were just as pretty and she has already successfully completed this vinegar project on her own.  I guess I'll know whether or not I have succeeded in about a few weeks, wish me luck.  


  1. Heidi, I hope you have success with your vinegar experiment. The batch I made with apples turned out great. I also tried making vinegar with peach skins and pits. For some reason it didn't work??? Not sure why but it was no great loss. I just dumped it into the compost pile...
    It's fun learning new things...sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Good Luck! and thanks for the shout out:)

  2. Thank you so much for joining the Link Up! I enjoyed your post very much. VERY pretty, I will be trying this SOON!! Happy Homemaking.

  3. I'm so interested in vinegar! Making my own would be fantastic.

    Saw that you are now a follower-- thanks for stopping by!

    I'm off to check out these other vinegar attempts... I'll back here to see how yours turns out!

    ...nice to meet you, have a great weekend!


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