Saturday, August 20, 2011


Yes, you read that right, my best friend in the world Michelle, IS amazing.  She went out and consigned a custom made garden decoration for my birthday.  We picked him up today.  Do you recognize him? I think he looks like Thumper from the Disney Classic Bambi.

He's absolutely adorable, but way too cute to put outside in the garden, where he'd soak up all that high altitude sunshine and daily watering, really.  Instead, we posted him as a watchman at the front door.  This way, he is protected from sun, rain, snow, and the occasional sneakthief...

My BFF is the most generous person I know, and she is the most amazing gift giver, but sometimes she makes it hard to accept a gift.  This is just way too nice.  I love you Michelle, and Thanks a million, but how is My Hubby going to top this b-day gift?  lol.

*I should also point out that this amazing bunny is made completely out of wood and is carved by a Southern California chainsaw carving artist named Kent Holmgren.  He is incredibly gifted and his artwork can be found all over our town including all of the carvings at Brite Lake.  Please check them out too.


  1. Yup BFF's named Michelle can't be beat, even by husbands...Miy hubby does not even try to compete with the bond me and my Michele (one l) have lol.

    Great looking Thumper...Happy Bday


  2. You're right Kelsie. Poor husbands.


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