Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BRAG BOOK! My BABY sister Melissa

I am so excited.  My baby, baby, sister Melissa, a fashionista since birth, has just launched her new Fashion & Handmade Jewelry Website!  ShopAmi.  So named for her beautiful young daughter, Amelie (picture below).

It all started at her kitchen table shortly after Ami's birth.  Melissa began making custom baby accessories for Ami and designing her own custom jewelry.  She was getting so many compliments that she decided to try to make a few extras to sell.  Well, before long, her business grew.  Hence, the new website.  Her jewelry is popular because of its beauty, high quality construction/components, and affordable prices.  Please check her out at www.shopami.com

Here are a few examples I found posted on the new site today... 
 I love the flowerpot and gerbera daisy hairclips.

accessories for baby

and Mama.

The women's jewelry is priced under $10 that I posted.  Amazing deals.

Good luck with your business Missa~

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  1. Thats wonderful good for her . Hope it all works out well for her ! Love the photos ! Have a wonderful day !


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