Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Country Homemaker Hop #53

It's official.  
This post marks the end of the 52nd week of The Country Homemaker blog hop!
Thank you friends for fifty-two weeks of sharing delicious scratch recipes, homemaking wisdom and homesteading skills.  It is a privilege to be able to participate in this adventure.

There have been more than 45,000 hits for our little hop so far.  That knowledge encouraged me to investigate which posts were our most popular.

Here they are... the posts readers have opened the most during the first 52 weeks of the hop.  I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane, I have.

#1- The post with the most clicks (289 so far) during the past 52 weeks is DIY Preservative for Fresh Flowers shared by Sharon of Mrs. Hines Class blog.  
Image from Mrs. Hines Class blog
#2- (275 views to date) Corn Tortillas from Scratch shared by Jacky of the blog Dicky Bird's Nest & Town Hall Trinkets.
Image from Dicky Bird's Nest blog
#3- (242 clicks) Whole Wheat Molasses Bread shared by Candy of The Lazy J Bar C blog.
Image from The Lazy J Bar C Farm blog
#4- (230 clicks) One Yard Wednesday- Wall Art for Princess shared by The Suburban Prairie Homemaker.
Image from Suburban Prairie Homemaker Blog
#5- (222 clicks) Homemade Laundry Detergent by Diana of Chickadee Garden blog.
Image from Chickadee Garden blog
#6- (189 clicks) Making Hypertufa by Geneva of the blog My Heart's Song.
Image from My Heart's Song blog
#7- (171 clicks) Cough and Cold Health Cabinet shared by Tee of the blog A Seed Inspired.
Image from A Seed Inspired blog
#8- (158 clicks) Home Made Soft Scrub shared by Dina of The Creative Home blog.
Image from The Creative Home blog
#9- (138 clicks) Homemade Antibacterial Salve shared by Amanda of Natural Living Mamma blog.
Image from Natural Living Mamma blog
#10- ( 111 clicks) Oven Canning shared by Patsy of the blog A Working Pantry.
Image from
Let's hear it for these ladies and their great blogs and to everyone that has linked up and participated- a big thank you!  Here's to many more happy hops to come!

Now, let's get HOPPING! 


  1. Awesome features ! So Many handy crafty talented people out there ! Thanks for hosting the hop ! Have a good day !

  2. Hi there Heidi!
    Great features today. Love all the hand made I'm sharing a guest post from Manuela of A Cultivated Nest Blog... she has created a wonderful homemade coffee sign and shows how to make it step by step! Big thanks to you and Dolly for hosting! Deb

  3. Wow, 52 weeks already!! Thank you Heidi for hosting, I always enjoy seeing what everyone is doing! :)

  4. Congratulations Dear Sweet Heidi! I am excited and I know you must be! A great year it has been and I look forward to many more...I thank you for sharing this great party with me! Great Hop!

  5. I'm thrilled to find a blog hop for recipes on Wednesdays!


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