Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Country Homemaker Hop #38

Things are winding down in the garden.  The hens have been laying steadily for a few weeks now and I am caught up on the canning...  Life is so good and I am thankful for all of it.  

This week, I'd like to highlight a few great posts from last week that really caught my eye.  Here they are in no particular order... 

Malinda of the Vintage Homestead Emporium wrote an inspiring post entitled Cultivating Beauty.  In the article Malinda shares a few inexpensive and creative ideas for nurturing your family.  As I read, I realized that Malinda isn't just "cultivating beauty" as she endeavors to raise her children in a home built upon a foundation filled with respect for God, an appreciation for life, love and family, and the magnificence and beauty of nature.  She's teaching them to appreciate all that this life has to offer, filling them with the knowledge that there are lessons to be gained in everything, the good and the bad; and she is filling her heart with every one of those memorable events and experiences.  What a joy it was to read her thoughtful post and to recognize its value in my own life.  Thank you Malinda.  Your words were my blessing this week.

Next, I headed over to Donna's blog Mississippi Mama & Grandma  for another inspiring post Truth for Thursday  in which she highlighted a few great verses from the bible that she found built into really cute posters on Pinterest. They complimented a wonderful story about service to others featuring her lovely daughter Amy and a sweet mission she recently undertook for her pastor and church.  What a great example of cultivating beauty!  Those cupcakes look amazing Amy.  Donna I'd sure like that from scratch recipe... hint. hint.

Finally, inspired by your wonderful articles ladies, I felt moved to write about my blessings this week in a short post titled FarmGirl Blessings to You.

This has been a year full of change for me.  It's been the first year (since my son's birth nearly 22 years ago) that I haven't seen and spoken to that boy every day, so it's been a period of learning and adjustment for me too.  I have found that I often try to drown myself in work and chores to keep worry at bay, and I expect many Moms do that.  Your posts this week have given me an epiphany.  Why am I trying to hide from my worry and fear?  I should face the experience and move on.  I think that by pressing down my fear, I am only prolonging my heartache.  We grow by accepting the good and the bad, by working through it and reaching the other side.  Thank you ladies for the nuggets of inspiration and motivation this week.  May they continue to be shared and grow people forward.

Have a GREAT week!


  1. Empty Nest?! It's a joy to watch them spread their wings and fly, but so sad and scary that they are away to do battle on their own; And this all happens while our bodies are going through changes of their own. (insert scream)
    God has sent good listeners into your life who would love to be there for you. Reach out and let them love on you. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, empty nest syndrome has been my problem lately. It seems silly. Growing up and going out into the world on their own, IS the goal, but no matter how hard I try I still worry. Thank you Debbie for your understanding. Maybe I'll have to bend your ear a little... :o)

  2. Lovely post ! I feel blessed every day for the nature that's around us , the wonderful family and friends we have in our lives , for our pets that make us giggle every day and smile at their goofy characters and for life in it's self ! Have a wonderful day !


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