Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Moving Day

The goats and I have been waiting patiently for several months for this very special day at Tres Rios Farm. They moved in to the new Goat House yesterday.

We've still got a few kinks to work out in the arrangement of stalls, who goes where, how to set up what- where, but I can say that everyone is resting well and enjoying their new larger, warmer, more secure home tonight.

Jerry and I also made great progress today in the yard.  We disassembled the old goat yard and began tilling and scraping the new goat pasture area.  We ordered a few bags of pasture seed mix for small ruminants and are prepping the soil on about an acre of relatively flat hillside for our new goat pasture.

We've got big plans for our little farm this year. We joined the ADGA Performance Plus Program for the first time.  I got my tester certification card this week, and am preparing for our first year on milk test.  Our veterinarian will be making a farm call next week for routine physicals, sonograms on our two pregnant does, and annual herd testing.  Things are sure going to be exciting around here for a while, and then begins SHOW season... Oh, and BABY WATCH is just around the corner!!!  

Have a HAPPY week friends.  


  1. Hi Heidi

    For some reason your new posts aren't showing up on my side bar . So if I seem to be not commenting it is because of that . P.S the Farm hop isn't loading right here most of the thumbnails are missing in your linky on your post just thought I would let ya know it could be from my end who knows lol ! Great post and photos . see ya on Farm girl Chit chat later .

  2. I sure love your new goat house and look at all the FUN things they have to play on!! :)


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