Wednesday, January 8, 2014


This image was taken in Spring of 2012 in my greenhouse.  Seed catalogs should be arriving soon so we can all get started on seedlings...  I love garden planning and I love keeping lists of garden chores to keep me on task each month.  Here's what I've written down for the month so far...

January Garden Chores: 
prune fruit trees & grapes, fertilize
copper fungicide
remove litter from base of trees to prevent overwintering of coddling moth
check watering system
aerate and layer compost pile
improve soil in raised beds with mulch and turn with fork
make veggie garden plot diagram
mulch winter veggies again

While going through my blog archives I found a few garden posts that I enjoyed reading again.  Please peruse and enjoy them.  I will try to add a few more oldies in the weeks ahead...

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  1. We need lots of inspiration with all this snow in our area! I started getting the seed catalogues too and there are more things I would like to plant than I have room for!

  2. Looking good the seedlings inspire me. I love your new background, it is very pretty!


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