Friday, January 4, 2013

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #90

Welcome back friends!

A STAR is born...

Meet Lokelani (Heavenly Rose).  Born to Joyful Hearts Napua on New Years Day.  She's a twin.  This little girl will soon be the foundation of our new Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat herd here at White Wolf Summit Farm.  Fern and Jeff, the owners of Joyful Hearts Farm (my Nigie mentors) have graciously agreed to keep baby Lokelani with her family until she and another little doeling (not yet born) are ready to come to their forever home here at our farm.

We have quite a bit of work to do yet, in preparation of these beautiful little girls.  We need to fence the pasture and prepare them a new home and yard.  We also have to find two experienced livestock guardian dogs.  We are preparing to work with the Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California to start fostering (as soon as our fences are up) so we can get adult LGDs that will work successfully with goats and poultry.

In the meantime, unpacking continues and plans for remodeling do too.  We ordered a kitchen full of "in stock" hickory cabinets and when they arrive at the big box store Jerry will pick them up and install them himself to save some money.  We are waiting for my Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary present to arrive too- a dual drainboard farmhouse sink.  I can hardly wait to have it for harvest season.  Outside, Jerry is making good progress using his Dad's old tractor to build a nice road down to the river, from the house.

It's been sunny and clear for about five days and things are drying out nicely.  I plan to walk around the entire property to sketch and measure the terrain to help me determine where to plant what.  It's starting to look like the garden, orchard, and livestock are all going to be housed above the house adjacent to the large 5 acre pasture.  That seems the most economical and efficient use of space to me.  I can fence it all at once to get them safe, and go about sectioning it all off as time and money permits in the future.

My next task is to make cafe curtains for all my new windows.  Okay, sorry for rambling on...  

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  1. Hi - thanks so much for hosting - I was invited by Deborah Jean - so happy to meet you - now following

  2. Thanks so much for the invitation - and for hosting
    Happy to be here!
    Happy New Year to all ( following everyone now )

  3. Oh it's so great to get this update from your new homestead Heidi! So much work but all joyful I am sure...May you have the best 2013 ever too!

  4. your sweet new baby goat! You will enjoy them so much when they get to come live with you! Can't wait to see the progression of your place! :)

  5. Lokelani is sooooo adorable. How exciting to be in the planning stages and dream about what you are going to do with your new place. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  6. Blogger is acting up and is not letting me comment at times ! I had a comment bounce back from you from December just now , weird , I tryed to comment on your recent post from today January 9th 2013 and your hop and couldn't so far no other problems on any other blogs but who knows with blogger ! Hope this comment gets through ! Looking forward to your new adventures ! Have a good day !

    1. Hello Elaine. It's nice to hear from you. I hope 2013 is a great yer for your photography and I look forward to seeing your images. I think I have the email issue fixed now.


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