Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's not YOU! It's hardware failure...

For anyone trying to link up to Farmgirl Friday yesterday or today, you may have noticed it's been nearly impossible to do...  I got a note from Brent Riggs, founder of LinkyTools explaining the problem.  He's getting things back online, so just hang in there and we'll eventually be able to continue linking up our hops!

Thank you,


Just Shoot Me !!!!!!
Hard Drive Crash on Friday
My hosting service notified me around noon today that my dedicated server hosting the linky tools images crashed and burned, total drive failure... OH JOY!  (I have three servers 1: the site 2: the database 3: the images).
Don't worry... no images were lost. That is what backups are for.
It’s the worst kind of nightmare for a website owner because 1) I cannot control it, but the reality is 2) hardware crashes… like a car crash, it just happens sometimes and you just have to deal with it the best you can.  I will say I’ve been blessed: this is the first web server hard drive crash I’ve ever had.
Trust me, I’m stressed out of my eyeballs trying to get things back up as fast as possible. I’m very sorry...
As of Saturday, 911.37am: From my latest update from my hosting service, I should be back online sometime this weekend.  A new drive and all the content has been restored but something in the configuration is not allowing the site to connect to the database server (#2 server).  So close, but yet so far. I'm one "click" away from having it back up but it's not something I have access to (its equipment related). THE IMAGES ARE SHOWING ON YOUR LISTS. THE PART THAT IS NOT YET BACK ONLINE IS THE ABILITY TO ADD ENTRIES TO A THUMBNAIL LINKY.



  1. Looks like your bad day bleed into today. I am so sorry. But the bright news is it didn't rain,so you can get your bees

    1. Hahaha. You're so right. Oh well, I got bees!!! It was so much fun looking through the frames for the queen and queen cells. Jerry was not scared. As it turned out, he was a GREAT help. We are going back in a few weeks to help split 100 boxes for orange pollination and he's giving me another Nuc and a special queen. I wish you weren't allergic, you would have had a blast. We'd have been a good team.

  2. I know the linky being down this weekend was such a pain :( That being said congrats on getting your bees we love having them!


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