Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Country Garden Showcase- Week 5

This week has been a mixed bag.  Cold, fog, rain, high winds, night time freezing.  Mother nature just couldn't seem to make up her mind this week.  Exhausted from fighting the winds while trying to set up my new compost containers, I gave up on trying to do anything of value outside this week and fled to the sunny, warm riverside of the Kaweah River at Three Rivers, California.  I have captured a few images that I hope you will enjoy.
 miner's lettuce below our campsite...
 THIS was our campsite...
 right along the Kaweah River
 I found a bit of mint growing along the bank...
a few blackberry vines too
 this pretty little creek ran through the park
 this orange grove greeted us as we left the campground to go to town
 This is the Shoshone Inn.  A man spent years building this beautiful oasis along the river. He even planted these palms as seedlings.  He opened his beautiful Spanish villa style retreat and closed it one month later, never to re-open again.  I wish I could have walked along the gardens inside the gate and taken pictures to share with you.  It is a really lovely place.
 That tiny speck of snow is up in the Sierras.  Inside the Sequoia National Forest.  It was the first snow of the winter.  
 Man-made, Kaweah Lake awaits all the river's water.  It's a mecca for boating and fishermen.
 Down this road lies the California Central Valley and the town of Lemon Cove.
 This cute little old gas station sits at the bottom of the hill in Lemon Cove.  My hubby loves it so I got a few pictures.
Orange groves below the Sierra foothills...

I hope you had better luck at your place this week, I am getting cabin fever BAD.  I'd love to see some happy sunny gardens...   Thanks for stopping by.

It's time to link up a post about what's been going on at your garden, farm, homestead or ranch this week.

Let's get to hopping!!!


  1. Dear Heidi! Oh it did this farmgirls heart to see those snow capped Sierra Mountains!!! Thank you! Your images are wonderful!
    I don't have a post to enter but I will tell you that I was outside today mapping out my cutting garden patch in the back yard and siting the hoop house! Still too cold to dig, but not to plan and dream!

  2. Dear Deb,
    I am so excited for you. That's something I'd love, a cutting garden. I haven;t had one, ever. I wish I could manage a real hoop house too. I only do the small ones, for now. Someday... When we've got more land. We are working on that, hence the field trips. Stay warm and dry. I am eager to see your garden pics this summer.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Clint. I am looking forward to seeing your next gardening post. Have a great week.

  4. California, here I come. You have green! We still have lots of snow and cold for at least a few more months. One year, we still had ice on the creek in June. Thanks for taking me along for the warm ride and camping, haven't camped in years.
    Loved it.

    1. Welcome Dar!
      It IS green. It's not supposed to be yet. We've been experiencing weird weather for more than 12 months now. I can't make sense of it. I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. We are taking advantage of the nice weather.

  5. I loved your pictures and felt like I was right there alongside you. What beautiful scenery. That was fascinating about that villa that opened for one month. I wonder what happened there? I can't imagine camping here this time of year. It is only in the 20's and 30's. UGH I'm with your hubby-I love that old gas station. It would be a cute little building for a small business of some kind. xo Diana

  6. Hi NanaDiana,
    It's still freezing here at night. That's why we headed north to the Central Valley. The San Joaquin Valley as its known to farmers. It's home to the top three farm producing counties in the country, hence- the lovely January weather. The orange and lemon blossoms smell so nice. Wish I was still there. Have a great week.

  7. Such beautiful natural pics here. We have wonderful nature and we should protect it and save it. I love your sharing activities.


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