Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Noble Fir

     The Hubby and I hand-picked a fresh cut Christmas Tree this year. We selected a Noble Fir.  Here are a few facts you may not already know about this noble tree.

Scientifically known as Abies procera, the Noble fir belongs to the western North American fir family, a subalpine species that grows on the Coast Range Mountains of northwest California, Washington, and western Oregon.

Noble fir trees are the largest native true firs, with heights ranging from 40 to 70 meters (about 130 to 230 feet), and a width of 2 meters. However, largest noble tree is 90 meters tall, with a diameter of 2.7 meters.

Noble fir characteristics:
Bark-Young noble fir trees have smooth, resin-blistered, and grey barks. Aging ones gradually become red-brown, fissured, and red.

Leaves-Spirally-arranged on the shoots but slightly twisted into an s-shape, noble fir needles are 1 to 3.5 centimeters in length. They are glaucous with sturdy stomatal bands.

Cones- 11 to 22 centimeters long, the cones are erect with purple scales under long yellow-green bract scales. They are upright in topmost wings and cylindrical. They ripen, disintegrate, and release seeds during the fall.Twigs

When young, noble fir trees have rust-colored needles, which are brown and stout.

Noble fir growth is most abundant on high mountains with moist soils, short and cool growing seasons, and deep snow during winters.

The Noble fir tree is also known by other common names such as white fir, red fir, bracted red fir, tuck-tuck, Abeto blanco americano, feather-cone fir, feather-coned fir, noble red fir, sapin noble d'Amerique, California red fir, and Amerikaanse nobel-den.  I extracted these fact from the website:
     You may notice from the picture above that my tree is without a top.  My hubby is making me a real hand-fashioned tin star to go on top.  Yippee!  I am so excited.

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  1. Very pretty with all your ribbon....I want a hand-made tin star!!! What a nice husband.

  2. And a lovley tree it is ! Its nice when someone makes you things, my hubby is a wood worker and I love it when he makes me things its sooo special ! Cant wait to see the topper your hubby is making for you! Great info on the tree ! Have a wonderful evening !

  3. absolutely beautiful ! Waiting to see the homemade special topper star!!

  4. its fun! seems to me you are very exciting with it..only some weeks and the year is my opinion this year has gone very fast dont you think? everything is going fast..Jesus is coming soon..wish you peace love and harmony from our home to yours..God bless you

  5. I love the ribbon garland. I don't think I have seen that done before...gonna save that idea in the back of my mind for future use!

    kateri @

  6. Your tree is beautiful and I can't wait to see your tin star!

  7. Hello ladies! I am anxiously awaiting that star... Stay warm everyone. It's cold and windy over here. I am wishing you all warm, sunny days.


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