Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Easy Batting Snow Angel

     Here's another fast and fun snow angel ornament.  I made this little guy using leftover 80/20 quilt batting.  I stained it using a solution of strong, dark tea in a spray bottle which I let sit and dry after I got it the desired antique looking color I wanted.  Just draw a snowman shape on paper, pin to batting, cut out shape, and sew all the way around your snow angel, stitching closed.  I then cut a small line into the back of the neck and stuff carefully with a pencil eraser through there.  Once stuffed, I sew a few loose stitches to close hole and cover the hole with a drop of hot glue and a 1" wide by 5" long homespun scarf.  I dot acrylic paint on the back of a small paint brush for the charcoal eyes,mouth and buttons.  Real buttons would look great too.  His nose was made by painting a toothpick tip orange.  I make a halo with inexpensive hardware store wire and hot glue it to the back of the snow angel.  I make wings out of what I have available, this one has corrugated card stock wings.  I have used wire ribbon bows, spoons, silk leaves, and feathers before. They all look great.  Use your imagination. Embellish and enjoy.


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