Thursday, October 27, 2011

Farm School Harvest Begins!

This week, some of our school farm produce was ready for harvest.  Yippee! 

On Wednesday, our class harvested several boxes of romaine, green, and red leaf lettuce, and then we donated it to our college's student food pantry.  Unfortunately, our county has one of the highest unemployment and under-employment rates in the State of California.  

In response, a group of students got together (a few years ago) and created a food pantry that distributes boxes of donated surplus food to needy student families.  There are so many young families in crisis today.  I am really proud of the students that created this wonderful, helpful program for their peers and it felt great to be able to participate in a small student effort to support it.

 This picture highlights some of our cabbage that is NOT quite ready for harvest, and won't be for a while.

 Here are my friends and fellow students Wayne and Troy harvesting organic romaine lettuce.  Hi guys!

 We stopped after the harvest for a quick picture.  The little golf cart bed is full of bags of lettuce on thier way to student pantry refrigerators.
Here we are again smiling for Dr. Cluff's shadow as he shot another picture.  As you can see, we had too much fun.

Farm Lab Friday will be spent harvesting the rest of the lettuces (ripe ones) and donating them to a great local shelter and a food distribution center.  It feels so good to be learning something as practical and important as  gardening, and to be able to share it with other people.

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  1. What a great honeycomb to my spirit, seeing others helping those in need. You are one special person as well.


  2. I was wondering what would happen to all the stuff you all were growing, what a great, great program! :)

  3. Thank you for the kind thoughts Connie. It does my heart good to serve others too.

  4. I agree Candy. It is a valuable program. I am so glad to be able to be in this class. Today, during Farm Lab Friday, we harvested LOTS of lettuce and drove them to 3 worthy local programs for the community. I wish my son were in the class. It's so important for youth to learn the value of work and service. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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