Thursday, October 20, 2011

Easy D.I.Y. Fabric Pumpkins to Decorate Your Home for FALL

Hi all!  I hope this Fall weather finds you happy, healthy, and in the mood for a bit of crafting.  I am!  As the nights get cool and the leaves change colors and fall to the ground, I get the urge to create something bright and colorful inside to enjoy during the cooler weather.  Here's an easy DIY project that anyone can do at home with a few basic staples many of us have on hand.
What you need:
sewing machine (or sew by hand)
polyfil, batting or fabric scraps
glue gun
buttons or beeds
floral wire
wool or contrasting fabric for stem and leaves
rice (to weight base- optional)

How To:
First, cut out a rectangle for your pumpkin body.  Any size will do, I make many different sizes.  The sample I am going to make today comes from a fat quarter (18"x22" rectangle) which I pressed and cut into 4 equal rectangles approximately 9" x 11".
Next, fold your rectangle (right sides together) and pin for sewing
 sew sides together to make a long tube, but leave top and bottom open.
 Hand sew and gather the bottom.

 turn right side out
 put scrap of batting inside bottom of "bag" 
 like so
then, add a bit of dried rice or beans to give weight to pumpkin. 
  Stuff with polyfil, batting or fabric scraps.
 hand sew and gather
  Next, cut a length of pearl cotton wrap it around pumpkin like you would a gift
top to bottom and back up to the top, pull tight, knot it.
I do this twice for a total of 8 lines around the pumpkin.

 draw a pattern for leaves,
cut them from wool or acrylic, then sew veins in them. 
 Take another piece of wool or acrylic, sew long wavy lines
and sew into stems

 turn and fill with batting or polyfil
You can also wrap thin floral wire around a stick and add a few beads for cute decorations
 like this
 Hot glue it all together
Here they are!  Cute pumpkins that will last forever, or until you get tired of them...

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  1. I apologize for not visiting my favorite blogs lately, and i promise to do some catching-up with everyone in the next few days. We are experiencing cooler weather starting today (Thursday) and as for myself I'm looking forward to falls return to the Lancaster Pennsylvania area. And are the color of the leaves changing your your way folks as they are mine. Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful fall season that has now begun. Richard from Amish Stories

  2. Dear Heidi,
    Your pumkins are just too cute...! Great job on your tutuorial! you make it look so easy. I haven't had the sewing machine out in a while but I've been keeping my painte brushes wet freshening things up inside!Like you, I feel Autumns burst and am feeling very creativ these days! Thank you once again ,for being a regular farmgirl hopper! Loved it!

  3. What cute, cute pumpkins and what a great tutorial! I am inspired to whip up a to just find the time! LOL!!

  4. Wow, those are so cute...and even the time it took you to post all those pictures.

    Thank you!!!

  5. These pumpkins are great Heidi!! Love them-am taking the supplies with me on vacation-in case it rains and we have to sit inside -with feet up and watch movies!!~~Rain

  6. Amish Stories,
    Thank you for stopping by. I know how BUSY things can get, we've been very busy here too.

  7. Deb,
    Thanks fro stopping by. You know I just LOVE being one of your farmgirls. It's such fun reading all the posts and trying the recipes. Have a great weekend.

  8. Candy,
    LOL. You are so busy, sometimes, I get tires just reading what you've been up to. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

  9. Treasures Evermore,
    Thanks for the kind words. It was way too fun making, taking, posting too. lol. Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

  10. Rain,
    Thanks for stopping by. Have a great vacation and I hope it's nice and sunny for you.


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