Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dandelion Haven Giveaway Arrives Today!!!

You may remember that a few weeks ago I won a giveaway over at Kateri's Dandelion Haven blog.  
Here's a quick link to the original giveaway at her blog:
The BIG box arrived on Saturday, but the post office was closed before my mail lady could get me the claim slip.  I raced in yesterday, but I was the only person in the lobby, duh Heidi, Columbus Day holiday...

Well, TODAY was my lucky day!  I'm so excited, I have to share.
I love baskets.  This handmade grapevine basket is so pretty and it's deep enough to use to carry in my daily goodies from the garden.  I can't believe how sturdy and strong it is.  Kateri, you did a great job.  I love it!  It will be prominently featured in my home throughout the holidays decorated with greenery and fabric pumpkins just as soon as I get them finished.  I'll post pics...

I also plan to get alot of use out of it in the garden.  My garden is a distance from my front door and I usually drop a few things as I trail them in... inside my shirt or jacket.  No more!

I have a REAL produce basket now.  Yippee!
Thanks so much Kateri, but that's just HALF of the prize I won from Kateri.
 She also sent me 3 different varieties of her home grown garlic.
Killarney Red
Kettle River Giant
and German Extra Hardy
They all look great and smell so fragrant.  I will be planting garlic cloves this weekend, and hopefully harvesting them next summer.  All thanks to Kateri.  I am so blessed and thankful.  

If you haven't yet had a chance to do so, please go check out her blog.  Here's the link: Dandelion Haven.

Have a blessed week.


  1. Heidi, I am glad to hear everything arrived safely and in good condition! Enjoy the basket! I'm sure it will love very pretty with your pumpkins and greenery and I hope the garlic does well for you!

    Kateri @ Dandelion Haven

  2. wow..that garlic is so big I thought they were little white pumpkins!..p.s. maybe it is my computer but your snowflakes do not show up...just the word snowflake comes down all over the screen..

  3. i love your blog and the country living..wow i wish i could be in a farm..thanks for sharing ..god bless you

  4. Heidi, still trying to leave a comment. Hope this works now. Love your winnings congrats..

  5. Kateri,
    Thank you! The garlic is amazing.

  6. Thanks Aint for City Gals...
    I am not sure what's going on, on your computer. On my screen I see falling leaves.

    and- yeah, the garlic is amazing. I'm planting it today (been outta town a while). I hope to have loads more by next fall.

  7. Thanks Candy. I feel pretty lucky these days. Blessed even.

  8. Thanks Soraya3!
    Glad you visited again. have a great weekend.

  9. Sheryl,

    I am so sorry you've been having problems leaving comments. That was ME last week. I understand that Blogger has been making some changes that have been causing some of these issues, but will continue working out the bugs... Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi. Have a great week ahead.


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