Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another week passes on our little suburban homestead...

Another beautiful week has come and gone.  I love the cooler Fall temperatures and how the weather influences the colors in our trees and plants.  As usual, I spent several hours primping the garden, starting seeds and transplanting them into ready beds.

This week I started a new project.  Readying new, portable conduit hoop houses for the beds.

I bathed and groomed my furbabies, although they were very unwilling participants.  

Here, my baby Chocolate stands awaiting a warm water bath and clippers...  He was trying to get out that door, but alas a metal screen.  If you look real close you can tell that I have already made a pass with clippers to help the shampoo get him clean.  Doesn't he look just like an Ewok from Star Wars?  I think so.

On Friday, we worked at the farm on my weekly FARM LAB trip to Bakersfield College's campus farm.  You can see our progress here.

After a hard day's work at the farm, Jerry and I managed a trip to our local Kern County Fair to experience the animals, crafts, tractors, vendors, rides, and of course the fried foods.  We saw some really unique things that we have never seen before, and so rather than share what we all see at the Fair, I am going to share a few interesting pictures below.

Jerry loves old tractors

Shark tooth fossils...

beautiful handmade, intricate beaded jewelry

like this delicate looking beaded necklace


Jerry found a puppet show theater, he was so excited, but he missed the show...

We saw pretty young ladies dancing...

and local California State University Bakersfield (CSUB) Nursing students helping the community by providing FREE health screens that included BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose testing.  I got my screening done.  It was great fun.  These young men and women were very professional and informative! Great ambassadors for their school!!!

Hey, that looks like our fair mascot K.C. The Bull!!!

Here's Jerry standing beside one of the most interesting pieces of artwork I have ever seen made from gourds...  These "people", the chess set, table, chairs, acrobats, dogs, cats, and even mice were all made from manipulated gourds.  

I still can't believe they're gourds

another gourd craft, what a pretty purse.

and a gourd candle lamp...

followed by a gourd basket or jar...  
Who knew you could do so much with a gourd.

It wouldn't be a county fair without food crafts.  I found LOTS of lovely fondant cakes...

This one is decorated in some of the most lifelike gum paste flowers I've seen.


  1. Perfect day for you two! Of course he found the tractors first!!~~just like my guy!!

  2. a perfect day! great...thanks for sharing...

  3. Great pictures and yes, Chocolate does look like an Ewok! :)

  4. Yes Rain, my guy must be like your guy, he could smell the tractors... hehe. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week ahead.

  5. Thanks again for checking in to my little blog Soraya3. I will be checking in at your blog as soon as I am done here...

  6. Candy,
    Thanks for agreeing with me about the Ewok. He's much happier today with shorter hair. I always look forward to your comments and your blog. I got the ingredients out for that yummy looking cinnamon coffee cake recipe you posted, and I am going to mix up a batch of your hamburger and hot dog buns this next week. Thanks for so much great information.


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