Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Preparedness Challenge Progress This Week...

I have been busy this week with the garden, but I have managed a few exciting new developments.

  1. Today, I have ordered my first pressure canner/cooker online... waiting is tough
  2. I stocked up on new canning jars, including new half gallon jars to learn how to ferment pickles and such
  3. I have started taking the FREE E-course at the website of The National Center for Home Food Preservation.  It includes pressure and water bath canning instruction, and information regarding food smoking, drying, curing, and fermentation
  4. I am trying to convince family members to join me and take the dive into lacto-fermentation via Gnowfglins website.
  5. I have been trying to decide what homesteading books to purchase to learn more skills
  6. I have accepted an invitation to a Preparedness Group that meets monthly and am anxious to find out more about what they do to put up food.  The next meeting will be focused on water purification.  
  7. Since finding this awesome blog, I have been reading every challenge post I can to glean insight from experienced homesteading families.
That's about all that I have been up to this week.  I hope you have a wonderful week.


  1. Sounds like fun. When I was on the farm as a kid my mum always did canning, jaring and what not we lived off of our land and live stock ! Cant wait to hear and see photos of your challenge ! Have a wonderful day !

  2. You've been busy:) I wish I could find a preparedness group around here. Online folks are great and I've learned a lot but it would be nice to connect with others in my area that are interested in homesteading.


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