Friday, August 26, 2011

Gotta VENT...

Sorry.  Please ignore me.  SCREAM.

I just got back from a HOT day at my college and need to vent some frustration.  I am waitlisted for an important class that I must have to graduate, and is only offered in Fall once every three years.  Mind you, I attend a junior college (2 year).  I only need this class and another to graduate, but somehow, they only offered 24 seats, and those filled up before my priority registration date came up.  So, I wait...

My favorite professor told me today that he was informed by the Dean they will NOT be allowing any of the  waitlist students in.  The strangest thing is that this class is held in a class that can accommodate at least 40 people (the class is usually offered to more people too), and there are more than 100 plant biology majors that NEED this class.

Since California is broke, the schools are being hit hard financially, and I understand that, what I don't understand is how they justify holding half empty classes or worse, and complain they need more money.  Last year, I attended a class that should house 120 students, but the Dean forced the teacher to cut the class to 30, so it was almost empty, a HUGE room wasted.  The teacher is getting the same salary whether there are two or 100 students in a lecture.

It didn't help that I stopped by the computer lab to take a quick look at open classes on my way out and was seated by a young woman that could not speak English and did not know how to use the computer.  She was being "helped" by a Records employee and her own personal Spanish language translator (who did her typing and communicated w/records staff for her) and I overheard the following. "You are now registered for the following two classes... now you need to go take your placement tests... Oh, you've never been here before and don't know where that building is, here's a map... Once you complete your tests, go over to the "X" building for your aid payments.  They'll start right away, on about the 5th.  You'll be paid as long as you remain enrolled full time...."  REALLY!!!  

I cannot PAY these people for a class I NEED, but this lady that doesn't speak English, know how to use a computer, and has not even been tested, yet is enrolled and being PAYED to attend.  FURIOUS at this point.  I feel like the world is being pulled down around me sometimes...  This would be one of those times.


Have a good weekend folks.

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  1. You are so justified in your anger and frustration over this!! It is wrong and there is no other way to say it-wrong! Best wishes in your studies!


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