Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today's LUNCH was an experiment that worked

This heat wave has been a blessing to me and my garden.  I have so many squashes I am forced to find new ways to use them up or else risk wasting some and I do not want to waste so much hard work.  Today, my son asked me for a salad at lunch and I ran out to the garden and started picking and here's what I came up with:

yellow squash
sugar snap pea pods
romaine & red leaf lettuce-

*Yes, I am still harvesting a few varieties of lettuce in HOT July.  I keep them from turning bitter with a heavily composted raised bed, early morning/evening top watering in addition to drip irrigation, and regular compost dressings.  I also remove any heads that begin to bolt ASAP. 

Anyway, I tossed in some whole grain pasta twists, a boneless chicken breast, balsamic vinegar with olive oil, salt and pepper and I got this-

I am happy to report that my son and I loved it.  Next time I am going to add a fresh garlic clove and some cheese gratings too for protein.  Tonight, I am taking some of the same veggies and making myself a soup with some curry and black beans. Yum! 

Do YOU have an idea for a new squash recipe to try?  If so, please SHARE below in the comments.

Have a great week!

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