Monday, July 18, 2011

In need of fun and pretty wedding ideas...

My son Jonathan will be getting married to an amazing young woman in September and I am in need of unique decorating ideas.  Their accent color is teal.  I have begun planning stages to make a 4 tier wedding cake.  So far, I have made a two tier cake with dowel supports and decorated it with marshmallow fondant with light teal flowers.

That was soooo much fun!  I'm pretty happy with it considering it was my first two tier cake ever and the first time I've worked with the fondant.  Marshmallow fondant acts like polymer clay.  Who knew?  There are even cookie cutter sets made just for the gum paste and fondant flowers.  That's my next task, teaching myself how to make gum paste flowers.  They look real, but they're not edible like the marshmallow fondant flowers so there will be fewer of em.

Getting back on track, any ideas or pictures of wedding ideas would be appreciated.  So far, this is what I've got:
Party City Decorative Plates

Faux Rose Petals for tables from Michaels

This picture came from a Martha Stewart Display at Michaels
I am hoping to create something similar.  Crossing my fingers.



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