Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to make Marshmallow fondant cake frosting...

I have been planning to make a wedding cake for my son's wedding in September and have been trying new things.  I recently blogged about making my first multiple tier cake and using rolled marshmallow fondant to frost it.  It was my first experience working with it and I really enjoyed it.  It tasted much better than a buttercream frosting and is so easy to do so I wanted to share a video presentation "How-To" that I found today on The Twisted Sifter cake shop's website.


Although I cannot post pictures of her cakes, here is a link to see what can be done with this type of fondant.
wedding cakes-
birthday cakes-

Keep in mind that the fondant she makes will be rolled out thin and layed atop a cake later.  It has the texture and consistency of a polymer clay and is FUN for kids to play with too.  I even used it to make sweet looking flowers on top of frosted cupcakes.

Another important reason to consider marshmallow fondant is that it can tolerate HEAT.  Where we are going will be around 100 degrees and on that test run we did last week, Jon got the cake there safely and it held up fine for 4 days, tasted and looked great too.  That's very important.

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