Tuesday, July 19, 2011


It seems that you can never have enough help around the house, and that is especially true of the garden. Today I was fortunate to have the help of my handsome nephew Cody. He volunteered to help me water and harvest. As you can see his smile is brighter than the sunshine.

He is five feet tall and is being dwarfed by that heirloom pumpkin plant behind him that I am carefully climbing up an A frame.  I hope that making slings to support the pumpkins will make them have better shape and it seems to encourage a large variety of bees including bumble bees, honey bees and even a few errant masons from the nearby commercial apple orchards.  We'll see.  Though I have cut back the plant numerous times, it is hearty and continues to set new blossoms faster than I can catch em' so instead of pinching back forever in favor of a few giant pumpkins, I am going to let nature take its course and decide in the end if the reduced pruning was worth it or not.  I'll let you know in the fall.

Have a great week!

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